"He approves"

Product image 1"He approves"
Product image 2"He approves"
Product image 3"He approves"

With the recent passing of her loving husband and their father, our client was given the Gift of Custom Design by her children.  She held on dearly to his wedding band, unsure of when or if she could ever part with it, as well as his ring they bought in St. Martin for their 20th Anniversary. 

During our consultation, a single dime was found beneath our chairs.  Her husband had always come across random dimes over the years; a symbol many of us know to be a sign from a loved one who has passed.  She said right then and there, "He approves!"  

This dignified 14 karat white gold design exhibits grace and symmetry from every view.  The diamond baguettes now fan from the center row made using his round brilliant cuts; an heirloom piece compiled of shared memories, love and laughter made for her to wear every day and feel a piece of him close to her again.  


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