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Design Process

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Our team of Designers, Model Makers and Goldsmiths guide you in transforming ideas into one-of-a-kind custom jewellery creations as unique as you are. Dana’s Goldsmithing has been specializing in Custom Jewellery Design and Redesign since 1992. Let us tell your story!  

Before You Begin 

Having a custom designed piece of jewellery should be an exciting and enjoyable process.  In order for us to get to know your style and needs a little better we ask that you take a little time to provide more information prior to the initial design consultation by completing our Custom Design Questionnaire.  This information is important to give our Design Team a starting point and allows us to pair you with the right designer for your needs.   Once received, one of our design consultants will be in touch by email within 2 business days to schedule either a virtual or in-store Design Consultation.  

Our Dana's team will not copy another designer or client's work.  If you like a piece that has already been created or that you have images of, we would be happy to use some of the design elements and a similar look, however your design will be unique to you.   

Photographs by James Morley/A-Frame

Design Consultation

Dana's Design experience begins with a no obligation consultation with one of our design consultants.  The initial consultation is available in store or by video conference (zoom).  We will explore your preferences in jewellery styles, metal options and stone choices as well as provide you with possibilities, design suggestions and physical or visual examples. 

*Any existing jewellery intended for redesign should be brought with you for the initial consultation.  For virtual consultations we will arrange for drop off of these items either prior to or after the initial zoom consultation.  See more information on Redesigning existing jewellery.

Preliminary Designs 

After your initial design consultation, we will produce either hand sketched designs or alternative images, physical examples or renderings for your review.  

This process is meant to be collaborative.  Once we receive input from you after receiving our initial concepts we will provide one, revised design, image or rendering and an estimated quotation for your approval.   

If you require further designs or additional consultations (either in store or virtually) a Design Fee of $500 + HST would apply.  

 Production of your Design

Once the general design is approved, it is at this time that we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit and a signed Stone Removal and Resetting Form if you are planning to use some or all of your own diamonds and/or gemstones.  

The next step is moving to the production stage where our model makers create your one-of-a-kind jewellery using state of the art software.  Having a 3D printer on-site gives us the ability to produce 3D models very quickly, which are an an EXACT replica of the finished piece.  The models, as well as coloured renderings are offered to the client to ensure the design is exactly as they envisioned it to be.  When you are comfortable proceeding to completion, we require a signed  'Approval to Proceed' Form.


QUESTION:  Do I need an appointment?

ANSWER:  Yes.  Due to the high volume of custom work, we are often booked well in advance.  Appointments are required.   


QUESTION:  Do you supply diamonds and gemstones?

ANSWER:  Yes we are happy to supply diamonds and gemstones at extremely competitive pricing.  Our experienced team will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect stone giving you the confidence in knowing what you are buying.  Deposits made on diamonds and gemstones are non-refundable. 


QUESTION:  Can I use my own diamonds and gemstones? 

ANSWER:  Yes.  We can use any diamonds and/or gemstones in the design, or a combination of using your gemstones and new gemstones. If using any of your original diamonds or gemstones, you must sign a STONE REMOVAL AND RESETTING RISK’ acknowledging that Dana’s Goldsmithing takes the greatest care possible when working with your special gemstones, but in cases where we are removing and/or resetting gemstones there are risks involved.  


QUESTION:  Can I use my own gold?

ANSWER:  Through experience, we have concluded that melting down the client’s original gold to use in a new casting has not yielded the best metal result.  There is no way to assess the alloys or impurities in 'old' metal and therefore we offer our clients the highest credit value for their original gold towards the cost of using new metal for the finished piece.  This enables us to be able to guarantee the metal used in the final piece.  We can often incorporate original pieces or parts of them into new designs for sentimental reasons.  


QUESTION:  Do you buy or give credit for client's diamonds or gemstones?

ANSWER:  We do not buy or give credit for any client's diamonds or gemstones.   


QUESTION:  What if, after I see the 3D model, I want changes to it?

ANSWER:  No Problem.  This is the time to make changes.  Minor changes are included as part of the design fees, however if you are looking to completely alter the design or begin with a brand new concept there may be additional costs depending on the complexity and changes to metal weights of the new design.   


QUESTION:  What if I don’t like the finished piece?

ANSWER:  Dana’s Design Team has provided every opportunity to make changes during the design stage and has had confirmation by you to proceed with the finished design after seeing either a hand sketch, coloured and/or computer renderings, and/or a 3D model.  Even though we want every customer to LOVE their new piece, alterations to the finished piece at this point would be at the customers expense.  


QUESTION:  How long does it take to get a custom ring made? 

ANSWER:  On average 6 to 8 weeks.  We will always do everything we can to meet a deadline for you so please make sure we are aware of your time line when we start the process.  


QUESTION:  Does my custom piece come with an appraisal?  Do I need one?

ANSWER:  An independent jewellery appraisal is included for most of the custom pieces.  There are some exceptions.  

We recommend having an Appraisal completed on Jewellery with a retail value over $3000.


QUESTION:  What metals do you work with or recommend?

ANSWER:  There are so many metal choices available and that we can work with, however we recommend and suggest the following:

WHITE METALS:  14kt white gold - platinum 

YELLOW METALS:  10kt - 14kt - 18kt yellow gold

ROSE METALS: 14kt rose gold

For more information about metals click here.


QUESTION:  What is the average custom ring cost to make?

ANSWER:  The average cost is $2000-$3000 plus any diamonds or gemstones that are supplied.  As part of our Questionnaire we ask that you provide your approximate budget.  If it differs dramatically to what we estimate the cost might be after seeing your inspiration images and reading through your initial information, we will discuss prior to booking a consultation.  

 We look forward to working with you.  




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