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Caring for Pearls

Pearls are a great addition to any wardrobe. Whether getting dressed up for a fancy party, a wedding, or simply getting ready for a day at work, a strand of pearls rarely goes amiss. It's important to take a little bit of time to care for these beautiful gems so they maintain their luster and don't get scratched, even when they are being stored. There are a few easy tips that will allow your pearls to be enjoyed for generations, looking as good as they did the day they came out of the water.
When wearing your pearl jewellery remember that pearls contain varying amounts of water and can absorb more liquid, but also dry out as well. Avoid putting your pearls on until after you've finished putting on hair spray, perfume and cosmetics. All these products can disrupt the humidity of pearls, causing them to dry and potentially crack or gain unsightly blemishes. Just remember that pearls should always be the finishing touch.
When storing pearls it is generally a good idea to gently wipe your pearls with a soft cloth to remove any perspiration or cosmetic residues that may have been picked up while being worn. Always store pearls in a separate compartment/container to avoid scratching them on harder gemstones in your jewellery box. To prevent tangles, fasten all clasps and pins. Pearl strands should never be stored hanging to avoid stretching the knots and cord.
Lastly if pearls are stored for too long in a sealed container or safety deposit box they will dehydrate. Pearls are an amazing gemstone that are meant to be worn, so enjoy them!
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