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Diamond Fashion Rings

We believe there is a story to tell with every transformation of jewellery from past to present.
Our designers specialize in your story - the emotional connection between your existing jewellery and the concept and completion of the new design.
Our tastes change over the years - styles change.  Why should our jewellery have to stay the same?    
This beautiful vintage style ring was made using an array of yellow gold pieces that had been sitting in a jewellery box for years. 
The same diamonds were used in both designs but what a difference in the finished ring.  As an added touch, the addition of two, small pear shaped diamonds completed the look.  
 The creation of  3 rings from her original 2 rings that will now be worn - not tucked away. 
What do you do with a diamond bracelet that keeps breaking?
You create a beautiful ring. 
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