Pyrrha Inner Strength Talisman




Precious, meaningful and designed to be kept for a lifetime, Pyrrha jewellery is the new heirloom and the perfect gift for someone special.
Pyrrha offers an iconic line featuring more than 300 talisman pendants.  It is a signature line of symbolic jewellery using time honoured, old world techniques since 1995.  
Rich in symbolism, each handcrafted personal talisman has a unique meaning culled from heraldry.
Watch Over Me Talisman from Pyrrha
This truly meaningful gift is not only beautiful, but holds a special meaning for both the giver and recipient.
The Pyrrha Story
Inspiration for our signature talisman jewellery came to us at an estate sale while digging through a box of old letters adorned with dirty, cracked, and fragile wax seals. Rich in heraldic symbolism, something about the antiquity of the seals made their sentiment feel more genuine.

Fascinated by the art of heraldry and compelled to preserve their rough-hewn history, we use the seals to make talisman jewellery that convey an inspirational message. We celebrate the cracks and flaws in the wax, choosing to preserve a handmade feel. . Because we live in such a throwaway society, we feel it’s necessary to create things that can be treasured.
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Spotted: Celebrities in Pyrrha
Jeremy Renner in Pyrrha
Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan in Once Upon a Time
Katey Segal as Gemma Teller-Morrow in Sons of Anarchy
Taylor Swift
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