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Custom Memory Pieces

Creating a meaningful and beautiful custom piece of jewellery takes time. Make this Holiday season even more special with a Custom Memory piece using your sentimental treasures. Reach out to our Designers today to ensure Christmas completion.  
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️Her husband surprised her with the “gift of custom” after the loss of her father. He knew this ring would put a smile on her face knowing she wanted a family ring for years. We incorporated diamonds from her grandmother’s ring together with her family’s birthstones, alexandrite’s and pink tourmalines. Sapphires were added to represent her dad.  She loved the combination of the two-tone rose and white gold and the interwoven design pattern. This ring brings the past and present together as one.

Our client had been hanging onto her mom's diamond since she had passed away, but could never wear rings due to her career.  Now retired it was the right time to make something special.  

The two supporting diamonds came from a past engagement and a gift from a family friend, previously made into ear studs but both with significant meaning.  We positioned each diamond effortlessly to float between the detailed floral embellishments, inspired by her name, 'Fleur.'  

“Letting Dana and her Team design and develop the ring is the best decision I could have made.  It had to be something special that brought Mom back to me, at least in some small form.  It was designed to represent life as I see it...  I'm absolutely in love with the ring. Thank-you!” 

We were honoured to create this garden of memories for this special mother and daughter.

”With my mom on limited time, we have been making legacy projects, and this ring is one of them, one that will make me smile wearing it and will be a wonderful statement to their love for each other.

My mom had a small patch of garden at the top of our field where she grew a huge clump of tulips, when kids and life would get to her, she would walk to the garden of tulips and hide out for awhile, saying she had to pull weeds. 

I used to go up there often too, it was always a nice spot to be alone with your thoughts, and full of flowers was a bonus.

My dad had blue eyes, and while he was a huge vegetable gardener, he did have forget-me-nots growing in his garden, and would pick a bunch for my mom and I every once in awhile. So, forget-me-nots make me think of my dad.

I also have been gifting her experiences, which she never would have done for herself. As this ring is her gift to me, I want to pass on smiles to her too.”


This gold band celebrates 25 years of marriage using treasured pieces from 2 special women in her life, her mother and mother-in-law. After losing her original engagement ring she wanted to create something to wear in it’s place to celebrate her family.  

“It will be a reminder of the love from my 2 mothers - the most important women in my life, the gold band will bring much joy to me!” 

This ring encompasses significant footprints in her life with a combination of meaningful jewellery that’s been treasured along the way. We incorporated a sapphire ring given to her on her 13th birthday and rubies that were gifted to celebrate the birth of her son. Other beloved pieces were used, a “new beginnings ring” commemorating the path of hard work making partner at her law firm while working as a single mother.

“This ring will bring together those elements of history, reconfigured into something new and beautiful —and remind me to celebrate who I am today.”

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