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Eagle's Crown Custom Engagement Ring

Our client’s devotion to her Polish heritage shines brightly in this thoughtfully created custom diamond engagement ring.  Family tradition and symbology had always played a role of unity within their family.  “My Dzadza Joseph (grandpa) and Babjua Mary (grandma) met in Poland in their teens.  They were very catholic and believed god had sent them to each other (Joseph and Mary);” later creating a ring together, inspired by the eagle’s crown within their family crest.  The ring was worn from years of memorable wear by her grandmother, but our client’s partner wanted to give her the perfect ring, knowing how special this was to her.  Together, they re-envisioned a brand new heirloom engagement ring inspired by the old one.

We set their hand-picked 1.2 carat round brilliant cut diamond into a vintage inspired vision of white gold. With the old ring design and the crest in mind, we replicated the crown-inspired head to hold the center diamond, with additional beaded details on each claw.  Thinking about when they are married, our client picked a tiara style wedding band from our showcase to wear alongside it. 

“Thank you endlessly, my entire family is in awe of the beautiful work you and your team put into this ring.”  Let us tell YOUR story.

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