Decades of Designs Custom Stackables

What first started as a DG Original Engagement Ring and later redesigned for their 10th Anniversary, now finds new life to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.
From yellow to white, and now yellow again, this trendy and versatile quad stack embodies how styles evolve as the years go by, just as we do. To mark this milestone, we upgraded her original .40 carat centre diamond to a 1.25 carat show stopper in this stunning solitaire.
Redesign is not erasing what once was, but bringing new life to those special pieces, a representation of how you’ve grown together. We’ve always inspired lifelong relationships through personal connections with our clients and we are thrilled that this special couple has celebrated another Anniversary with us. Let us tell YOUR story.
Reach out to our Design Team at today to start your journey and schedule your Virtual or Curbside Consultation. Check out our Design Process here for more information.
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