A Fortunate Fruition Custom Ring Redesign

When her grandmothers and mother-in-law all passed away within a short time span, our client inherited a mixture of jewellery that she didn’t want sitting in a drawer to collect dust. Since her husband had always wanted to upgrade the engagement ring, she knew this could be just the right opportunity to create something she’d adore.
“The design you and your team helped bring to fruition represents not only my marriage with the original engagement stone as the focal point, but our twin boys with two of the larger stones set on either side. The rest of the ring is woven with the stones of the women who shaped both of our lives in so many ways. Even though we couldn't incorporate all of the stones and gems into the vision, the Celtic knots connect to my grandmothers. I am originally from Nova Scotia, so having my Scottish and East Coast roots included was imperative.” Let us tell YOUR story.
Reach out to our Design Team at today to start your journey and schedule your Virtual or Curbside Consultation. Check out our Design Process here for more information.
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